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Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a dose-limiting side effect of certain anti-cancer treatments. How these drugs affect the nerves differs depending on the amount of the drug used, the treatment schedule, the patient’s age and pre-existing issues that can put the patient at risk.  

Conducting online research can be overwhelming. CURE makes it quick & easy by providing links to the best neuropathy information from organizations we trust.

CURE articles:

> "Lessons Learned: Peripheral Neuropathy from Cancer" at curemagazine.com

When trying to cope with peripheral neuropathy, sufferers could benefit from others’ success.

> "Numbing Down Neuropathy" at curemagazine.com

Research and awareness help patients to understanding and manage chemotherapy-related peripheral neuropathy.

> "Tingling Troubles" at curemagazine.com

Causes, prevention and management of peripheral neuropathy. 

Other trusted resources:

> American Cancer Society on Neuropathy at cancer.org

> The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy at foundationforpn.org> The Mayo Clinic  at mayoclinic.org.

> The National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s “Management of Neuropathy in Cancer” at  nccn.org

> The Neuropathy Support Network at neuropathysupportnetwork.org

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